Detroit Outshines Miami As Fastest-Appreciating Real Estate Market In 2023

In a resounding victory, Metropolitan Detroit takes the lead in November’s flourishing real estate market, outpacing not only national averages but also surpassing Miami for the first time. Fueled by a decline in mortgage rates, the Metropolitan Detroit market is experiencing a remarkable surge in home prices, boasting an impressive 5.2% annual gain in November, according to analytics firm CoreLogic.

Michael DiNello, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Vanguard Real Estate Group, a prominent brokerage, and development firm based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, shares his optimism for the Metropolitan Detroit market, stating, “The surge in home prices reflects the resilience and untapped potential in Metropolitan Detroit’s real estate landscape.”

National home prices experienced a significant 5.2% jump in November compared to the same month the previous year, exceeding the 4.7% annual gain in October. Leading the gains were states in the Northeast, with Rhode Island (11.6%), Connecticut (10.6%), and New Jersey (10.5%) showcasing robust growth.

Selma Hepp, Chief Economist for CoreLogic, emphasizes the continued strength in the market, saying, “This sustained momentum is exceptional amid the nation’s affordability challenges, highlighting the pent-up demand propelling home prices higher.”

Builders in Metro Detroit navigated market fluctuations to experience a surprising boom year in 2023.

"Despite market uncertainties, homebuilders in Metro Detroit have had a surprisingly robust year in 2023, fueled by a lack of resale inventory. This unexpected surge is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the Metropolitan Detroit real estate market."

Metropolitan Detroit emerges as an exemplar of notable price gains in 2023, particularly in areas where a prolonged inventory shortage has been compounded by a lack of new homes for sale. This trend underscores the vitality and attractiveness of the real estate market in Metropolitan Detroit.

Lower mortgage rates have significantly enhanced consumers’ buying power, propelling home prices higher. While there are expectations of a slight softening in prices next year, the trajectory will heavily depend on supply. With current low supply levels and increasing demand due to lower mortgage rates, prices in Metropolitan Detroit seem poised to continue their upward ascent.

Reflecting on the fluctuations in mortgage rates, DiNello notes, “Metropolitan Detroit’s real estate market has weathered the storms, showcasing resilience and adaptability in the face of changing economic conditions.”

On the city level, Detroit outshines Miami with the largest annual price gain at 8.7%, surpassing Miami’s 8.3%, according to CoreLogic. Hepp explains, “Detroit’s lagged appreciation during the pandemic was a catch-up, and other Midwest areas are experiencing stronger appreciation due to their affordability.”

In conclusion, Metropolitan Detroit’s real estate market stands as a beacon of growth, surpassing both national trends and regional competitors. DiNello affirms, “Metropolitan Detroit’s real estate success is a testament to the city’s ability to thrive and adapt to changing market dynamics.”

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Michael DiNello

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

Mr. DiNello spearheads the company’s vision and directs development and brokerage operations. With nearly two decades of expertise in real estate brokerage, acquisition, and development in the Metropolitan Detroit market, his leadership is grounded in extensive industry experience.