Vanguard Real Estate Group Announces the Launch of New Capital Advisory Firm: Forefront Capital


Vanguard Real Estate Group proudly announces the launch of Forefront Capital, a leading commercial real estate capital advisor and intermediary. With an unwavering dedication to empowering small to medium-sized homebuilders, Forefront Capital is positioned to elevate their competitiveness in Metro Detroit’s rapidly expanding market landscape.

[Rochester Hills, MI] – Forefront Capital, LLC, a newly established subsidiary of Vanguard Real Estate Group, emerges as a formidable commercial real estate capital advisor and intermediary, specializing in orchestrating senior debt and equity financing for homebuilders and developers. In response to the escalating competition from national homebuilders and the urgent need for capital among small to medium-sized homebuilders in Metro Detroit, Forefront Capital is poised to provide essential financial solutions and level the playing field.

"At the heart of the real estate industry lies the critical element of access to capital, especially for smaller players aiming to compete with larger national counterparts. Forefront Capital is committed to bridging this gap by providing tailored financing options that empower small to medium-sized homebuilders to thrive and expand their market share in Metro Detroit."
Vanguard Real Estate
Frank A. LaLama
Partner & Chief Executive Officer, Forefront Capital

The Forefront Capital team, led by seasoned professionals in real estate and finance, recognizes the unique challenges faced by smaller homebuilders in accessing capital. “In a market increasingly dominated by national homebuilders, it’s essential for local builders to have access to the necessary capital to compete effectively,” explains Michael A. DiNello, Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Forefront Capital. “Our expertise and unwavering dedication enable us to deliver bespoke financing solutions that address the specific needs of our clients, empowering them to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape.”

With Metro Detroit experiencing rapid growth and development, the demand for housing has never been greater. However, many small to medium-sized homebuilders struggle to secure the capital needed to seize opportunities and expand their market share. Forefront Capital aims to change this narrative by providing timely and flexible financing solutions that enable local builders to thrive and contribute to the region’s growth.

Forefront Capital’s launch underscores Vanguard Real Estate Group’s commitment to supporting the success and resilience of small to medium-sized homebuilders in Metro Detroit, reaffirming its position as a champion for inclusive growth and economic empowerment in the real estate industry.

About Forefront Capital:

Forefront Capital, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vanguard Real Estate Group, specializing in commercial real estate capital advisory and intermediary services. With a focus on empowering small to medium-sized homebuilders, Forefront Capital delivers tailored financing solutions that enable clients to compete and thrive in Metro Detroit’s dynamic real estate market.


About Vanguard Real Estate Group:

Founded in 2006, Vanguard Real Estate Group stands at the forefront of the industry as a fully integrated and seasoned real estate brokerage, advisory, and development firm. At the core of our operations is an extensive suite of acquisition, brokerage, capital advisory, and land development services tailored to Southeast Michigan. Since its inception, Vanguard has seamlessly orchestrated real estate transactions exceeding $500 million, encompassing diverse assets like vacant land, multi-family properties, fractured condominium developments, non-performing CRE debt, and single-family residential communities.

For more information on Forefront Capital and its offerings, please visit our website.

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Sabrina Cusumano

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