Vanguard Real Estate Group Completes Sale of Galloway Lake Estates, Pontiac, MI


[Pontiac, MI] – Vanguard Real Estate Group, a leading real estate development and brokerage firm, is pleased to announce the successful sale of the final seventeen (17) single-family homesites within the picturesque Galloway Lake Estates in Pontiac, Michigan. This achievement reinforces Vanguard’s commitment to enriching communities in Metro Detroit and fostering sustainable growth in emerging markets.

"Today, we are pleased to announce the successful completion of the sale of the remaining homesites at Galloway Lake Estates in Pontiac. This accomplishment stands as a testament to our enduring dedication to enhancing the local communities and driving growth in the real estate market."

Originally developed in 2001 and halted during the 2008 recession, the Galloway Lake Estates project has long been celebrated for its scenic beauty and strategic location near major automotive manufacturers and corporate offices. The sale of these remaining homesites follows nearly two years of dedicated community engagement, legal and tax evaluations, and a valuable partnership with a local homebuilder who shares our vision for the resurgence and growth of the City of Pontiac.

Michael A. DiNello, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Vanguard Real Estate Group, also expresses his satisfaction with the Galloway Lake Estates project, describing it as an achievement resulting from the collaborative efforts of a dedicated team, a focus on quality, and strong builder partnerships.

This sale underscores Vanguard Real Estate Group’s steadfast dedication to crafting premium residential communities and driving economic progress in Metro Detroit. The Galloway Lake Estates project will not only contribute to the local housing market but will also contribute to the ongoing revitalization of the City of Pontiac.

Vanguard Real Estate Group extends its appreciation to its committed team members, partners, and the Pontiac community for their support throughout this venture. The successful sale of the Galloway Lake Estates single-family homesites showcases Vanguard Real Estate Group’s ability to meet the growing demand for high-quality housing while simultaneously energizing the local economy.

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Frank Lalama

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

Mr. Lalama serves as the driving force behind Vanguard Real Estate Group’s financial and operational success. In his versatile role, he oversees finance, investor relations, tax matters, and fiscal operations for Vanguard Real Estate Group and its various operating entities. Additionally, Mr. Lalama leads the National Builder Accounts team, contributing to the company’s growth and expansion.